Penley Designs


Sad Bitch - Music Video

Director: Sean Hollihan Producer: Nikki Segal Cinematographer: Gus Bendinelli Production Designer: Nell Sherman Stylist: Lisa Yoo Hair and Makeup: Chloe Schlossman 1st AD: Nick Ruff Production Assistant: Alan Chin, Daniel Fox Editor: Carter Feurehelm Animation/Title Sequence: Amanda Penley

Title design and animation overlays done for Los Angelino singer/songwriter Nikki Segal debuts her first project as Dillatante. A soundscape of psychedelic, electro folk-pop inspired by her roots in Southern California. Sad Bitch is her debut song.

Feb 2019


I was asked to create a 20 second animation for a test project with Vox. All I was given was the audio and then told to have fun.Created in Aftereffects with Cel Animation and some found footage.

August 2018

2018 Reel 

Heart of Glass - a short experiment

My short film inspired by Blondie's song 'Heart of Glass', I wanted to build an atmosphere of a lonely housewife sometime in the 70s as she comes to terms with the sinister deed she committed.  This was a fun little experiment so special thanks to:
Jade Boyce, starring as the killer housewife Derek Koehler, his feet make an appearance as the latest victim, Justin Suttles, D.O.P
Nina Carlin, helpful blood pourer!

The Secret Origin of Game Of Thrones  

I love game of thrones - so I researched and concepted this quirky little video about the "real" origins of Game of Thrones! I animated and edited the video and it was shared across Super New’s social outlets to have over 500k views. Many people were tickled at the real origin of Game of Thrones!


Music Video shot in Atlanta for ATL rapper K.R.U.S.H, directed by Brit Wiginton. I was responsible for the hand drawn animations and doodles, each was done frame by frame.

The Defenders 

A fun social video created for Super New’s facebook channel we were tasked with creating an animated video for the arrival of Netflix’s super-hero team up, “The Defenders.”

I was responsible for the storyboarding, animation, and editing of the video. VO and script by Alisha Grauso.