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Brand Work

I’ve worked on many different projects and campaigns. From working in entertainment with Hulu to sports illustration and design with the NFL, I’ve been lucky to work with a wide variety of clients.



Working @ the Social lab for the 100th season of The NFL - servicing all things social for The NFL accounts, Throwback, and The Checkdown. Providing original, custom content for the personal accounts of NFL players in of the "Player Social Initiative, The NFL, Throwback, and The Checkdown. The team of designers, illustrators, writers, and video editors create top-notch, thumb-stopping content for an audience of more than 52 million followers across all social platforms.

I am also responsible for the ‘Fit of the Week’ illustrations - highlighting the best outfits of the week and voted for the winner each week.

September 2019 - Current

The Home Depot + Spanx Art Direction

At 22squared I worked as a designer/art director on the Home Depot and Spanx accounts. Working mostly on social campaigns across facebook and instagram platforms, above you’ll see some of the content created for the two brands.

Feb - April 2019

Up With Paper - Boxed Notes Set

Up With Paper something a little different I got to work on was a boxed note set that is out in stores now. Objective was illustrating matisse inspired nudes and shapes for a boxed card set. A total of 8 illustrations, including the box design as well. Featuring gold foil and evergreen material these can be shared and sent any time of the year.

November 2018

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Super News Live Brand

Super News Live was the passion company that I was lucky to be apart of and work on for the last three years. Created from Facebook Live video and nerd culture. This video is the perfect synopsis of what I did in the last three years.

Video created and edited by Adrian Helma

What did I do? I was responsible for art direction, ideating, and designing brand standards. Working with editors to create a system of brand for the live channels across Facebook Live. Creating broadcast graphics, animating motion elements, hosting a daily live show called ‘Amanda Draws’ to thousands of fans, and honestly a lot more.

Jan 2018-Dec 2018 SuperNews

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Star Wars: The Last Jedi Social Videos

Let’s Talk About the stories, worlds, and characters you love! Join us for a special five-episode hand drawn series exploring the history, trivia, and secret backstories behind your favorite movies and TV shows. These videos were shared thousands of times and watched by 3M+ people on Facebook.

What did I do? I was responsible for storyboarding, animating, editing, sound design, and aiding in social campaign for Facebook Watch.

December 2017 + SuperNews VO: Dave Rispoli Script: Russ Fischer

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Hulu Presents #RealLifePowerpuff

Screen Shot 2018-11-08 at 9.09.50 AM.png

Real Life Powerpuff was a really cool project near and dear to my heart. I grew up watching all these cartoons as a kid and they totally influenced what I wanted to do when I grew up! More than 100 young girls who have made a difference at their homes, schools and communities were treated to a Real Life Powerpuff Day hosted by Hulu and in honor of the classic and new Powerpuff Girls video series being released on Hulu. The March 25 event at the Santa Monica General Assembly treated 8 to 12-year-olds to a day filled with interactive workshops in science, animation and dance as well as a panel of speakers from the Real Life Powerpuff video series and other girl empowerment activities. 

Animator Mari Setbacken and I worked with the girls to learn the basics of animation with a flipbook of bubbles jumping and flying. This was such a cool event to see the girls learning, excited, and some even went out of the box and did some crazy wacky animations! Future animators!

What did I do? I was responsible for creating the logo and resizing and working with assets for the mircosite. I created the lowerthirds for the video that went on social media. The day of I hosted and taught 3 different classes of animation to 8-12 year old girls the basics of animation with Bubbles.

March 2017 + Creators Media + Hulu

Hulu Presents Cults & Conspiracies

How much freedom would you give up to attain spiritual security? Alternative religions, and cults large and small, promise roads to enlightenment and salvation. When these organizations, often driven by one charismatic personality, offer so much, trading trappings of “normal” life for the benefits of spiritual fulfillment might seem like a good idea.

What did I do? I was responsible for art direction, illustration, and creating a 15 second title sequence for the live show on facebook watch.

Feb 2017 + Moviepilot Creative Director: Frank Costa Website Designer: Elmer Van Der Watt

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Showtime Presents Twin Peaks 

Nearly three decades after David Lynch's groundbreaking series Twin Peaks first aired, Showtime presents a new Limited Event Series. On May 21 at 9/8c, head back to the peculiar small town in the woods to unravel the secrets of its enigmatic townsfolk.

What did I do? I was responsible for art direction and illustration.

May 2016 + Moviepilot

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Kubo and the Two Strings


Kubo and the Two Strings

We partnered with Focus Features and Laika Studios to celebrate the artistry of Oscar-nominated “Kubo and the Two Strings.” Honoring the release of this fantastical feature-length animation, we launched an integrated, multi-platform campaign to bring together the symbiotic unbridled joy of fans and the magic of moviemaking. I was responsible for creating art for three spreads and art directing and finding "fan art" to be featured in the fanzine. The fanzine was released at Kubo and the Two Strings premiere party in Hollywood, Ca. 

What did I do? I was responsible with concepting and aiding in art direction of the physical magazine. I created a spread layout for the timeline of Laika and the films. I also art directed a three spread section titled, “Fan Art of Laika” of fan art around the world to be featured in the fanzine. We then had a premiere party in Hollywood, Ca for Kubo where I was a live host streaming to fans across the globe.

In 2017 we won a webby for the project!

Read the whole magazine online here!

Editor: Erin Spens Art Director: Frank Costa Design: She Was Only Photography: John Hicks Producer: Aaron Kelly August 2016 + Moviepilot

Because the Beatles


To celebrate the release of Ron Howard’s documentary “The Beatles: Eight Days a Week - The Touring Years,” we partnered with Hulu to create a grassroots campaign for the digital age, reminding three generations of people how the Fab Four impacted their lives. The party was hosted at the El Rey in Hollywood featuring 70 other musicians coming together to play an amazing tribute to the Beatles! This was an amazing project for me especially since I'm a big Beatles fan! 

What did I do? I was responsible with concepting and aiding in art direction of the campaign. I illustrated the entire content as well as he social posters.

Art Director: Frank Costa September 2016 + Moviepilot

Simple Skin Micellar #TestTheWater

The team at Weber Shandwick created a social campaign for simple's tried and true products (micellar water and wipes) using hand drawn digital illustrations combined with internally shot photography.

What did I do? I illustrated and animated for instagram and facebook. Creating advertisements targeted to users who were the on the go woman. As well as helping design and edit photography prepping for production.

Weber Shandwick, 2016 Lead: Hannah Choi Designer/Illustrators: Bianca Gonzalez + Amanda Penley Copywriter: Marley Tito Photographer: Lizzie Brooks