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Game Of Thrones Playing Cards


Game of Thrones Playing Cards

Fans all over the world are finding different ways to cope with the news that Game of Thrones will not be returning to the screens until 2019. Until then, rest your eyes and see if you agree with the 4 suits picked out for each family in the show. I went with the  French design for the playing cards and picked the following families for each suit: House Lannister as Hearts, House Baratheon as Clubs, House Stark as Spades, and House Targaryen as Diamonds. The hardest part was picking which characters to put on each of the cards (and including some that are already dead in the show).  

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My main idea was to keep everything true to the nature of what playing cards were, in the metaphysical sense. Each suit represents a season, like the traditional cards. So Winter, which is spades is for house Stark and so forth. So many parallels. For example, House Lannister as the Suit of Hearts might be confusing to some people. But, when you look back through the books, and the show—love is the driving motion for the entirety of this house. illustrations also show off certain characteristics or storylines from the show. The Queen of Hearts card has Cersei holding the shame bell and Jamie showcasing his gold hand. The Jack card in the Suit of Spades has Arya holding her sword, Needle. Tiny little details you have to examine to understand. These cards a work in progress, and I am working now to get them to be a real physical object! If you're interested in a deck - shoot me an email and I'll add you on the list! Until then, get ready...because winter is coming.

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