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More Than This - A Short Film

 More Than This. An exploration of animation with super8mm footage, More Than This is inspired by the innocence of summer and nostalgia. When I was 6 years old my Father passed away suddenly and unexpectedly from an error during surgery. Throughout my life without him, I've always tried to understand him through little things I would find, or old photographs. The best thing he could of ever left behind for me was a red notebook, full of his writings and thoughts on music he admired. One song that sounded like home, was by Roxy Music - More Than This. I had no idea, but apparently it was one of his favorites as well. It seemed fitting to title this project, More Than This, accept what is uncertain and let go. The song itself is pure 80s glory, but if you look at the lyrics ,"I could feel at the time, There was no way of knowing, Fallen leaves in the night, Who can say where they're blowing". It's full of doubt and wonder, but also acceptance that we can't govern over time. Thus brings me to the idea of Summer. In my head it's glorious, time stands still, and it's endless fun. A neverland of adventure. I want to explore that longing, that feeling.

Starring: Nell Sherman 

With Nina Rose Carlin, Lauren Skillen, Michelle Siouty and Annie Edwards

Directed + Edited + Animations by Amanda Penley

Score by Evan O'neal

Special Thanks to Amanda Urrego